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Welsh Norwegian Society is yet again inviting members and friends to the private garden for the celebration of St Hans midsummer. We will be gathering to collectively BBQ and watch the bonfire be light in the night sky. As a not-for-profit organisation we will ask for a small donation which will cover charcoal, wood for the fire, coffee, tea, squash for children and some sweets after the food. Please bring your own food to barbecue, drinks, salad etc. Also plates, glasses, cutlery and chairs/picnic blanket to sit on.

Book a space through no later than Thursday June 16th. The price to join is £5 for adults and £2 for children. Payment will be taken on the day, so please bring accurate money as we might not have exact change with us.
We will send you the full address to the venue when you have booked a space.

We welcome you to bring music or any instrument if you play any. We would love some impromptu entertainment!!
The owner of the garden has welcomed people to camp but can only offer access to toilet and water.  Please note; there are no shower facilities. If you wish to camp, please let us know and we will give you more information. There is limited space for tents. 
We would like to highlight that this is not an official campsite with access to facilities such as showers or washing up area. However, the owner of the garden have given us access to toilets and also offered people to stay for two nights if they wish to. She has not given us a specific time to be packed up, but I would like to ask that we leave the garden in the same way as we found it, making sure that we take all rubbish with us.

There are also restricted parking facilities, so we ask that people who are camping could park in the drive, allowing those who are not camping able to leave in the night without moving any parked cars.