For any aspiring Norwegian language learner in Wales the hardest part can be finding someone to talk to. The Welsh Norwegian Society provides a friendly, warm environment where you can come along and meet fellow Norsk speakers and try out your skills without fear of failure.

Whether you are just starting out or a more advanced learner the lack of formal courses within Wales makes the process of learning a new language much harder.

There are a number of on-line resources available from the expensive one-to-one tutors that make use of Skype to the free websites that offer structured lessons. Below are some of the websites that are free and suitable for beginners upwards.


Norwegian on the Web – Ten Chapters for the Norwegian learner on a variety of topics. Read text, learn vocabulary and record your voice and listen back to yourself.


Klar Tale offers an easy read daily newspaper and a weekly sixty minutes clearly spoken podcast.


Grammatikk is an excellent website for referencing Norsk grammar.


Digital Dialects - Some basic on line language games to introduce the new learner to Norsk


37 free Norsk lessons covering a variety of topics from the Sons of Norway


Pa vei - Interactive Norsk games to improve your skills


Ressurs Sidene - Norsk Kurs including grammer and interactive questions and answers