WNS members to meet Michaela Chiappa and show some Norwegian cooking

Welsh Norwegian members were invited to participate and show Michela Chiappa some traditional Norwegians cooking. We are excited that the BBC Wales program will be broadcasted later this year.

In the program you will see how Rødsei or Oldsalted Pollock has been prepared and eaten for centuries, as well as how you can make Salted Cod from Bergen at home in Wales. We also have a taste of homemade Rømmegrøt (sour cream porridge) with cured meat and find out how this is seen a a dinner meal and not breakfast!  

And, of course there is not a Norwegian party without the Norwegian cakes! We pride ourselves with the Verdens Beste (World’s Best Cakes and yes that is the name!) and we served Bløtkake (Norwegian style cream cake), and Tilslørte Bondepiker (who’s not got a good translated name), gomme and bruost (brown cheese).

Please stay tuned the program will be showed at BBC Wales later this year.