Cardiff Bay controversial Dolffin Quay development plans withdrawn

The Welsh Norwegian Society, having objected to the plan to build on a large scale in Cardiff Bay (which would overshadow the Norwegian Church) is very relieved that the plan has been dropped.

Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff Bay

Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff Bay

The Norwegian Seamen’s Church has been “a little piece of Norway” in the dock area of Cardiff for 150 years, and when it ceased to function as a seamen’s church, it first was adopted by Lutheran congregations around Cardiff but was eventually closed in the 1970s.  A Trust was formed so that the very characteristic church building might be saved, and in due course the Church was demolished and rebuilt on its present site, being reopened as the Norwegian Church Arts Centre by Princess Märtha Louise of Norway in April 1992.  Many people involved with the Trust helped to start the Welsh Norwegian Society which has met at the Norwegian Church since 1995 and has ever since been a means of promoting and  disseminating Norwegian culture and bringing together those with an interest in Norway, including many of Norwegian nationality and descent.  The Church and the Society alike have benefited from the Cardiff Hordaland twinning link.

Save the green space around the Norwegian Church from property developers

The Welsh Norwegian Society appeal to save the green space around the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay.


Click here to visit change.org and show your opposition to the plans to develop the last remaining green space in Cardiff Bay into a collection of residential and commercial buildings.

The below message is taken from the #SaveOurBae campaign which has been set up to petition Cardiff City Council and oppose the development.


We need to protect Cardiff Bay's Britannia and Waterfront Parks from the proposed Association of British Ports (ABP) Dolffin Quay development. This development would replace the last remaining green space in Cardiff Bay with a collection of residential and commercial buildings.

The grassed area and children’s playground on the Britannia Park site are the last remaining ones of their kind easily available to local families with children in the area.

Cardiff Bay is a unique and world renowned waterfront. Britannia Park has been a vital part of Cardiff Bay since 1993. It is much loved, not only by Cardiff residents, but also by visitors who come to enjoy the outside spaces, art and heritage.

Most properties in Cardiff Bay are without gardens. It is vital that we protect the only remaining green space.

We therefore call upon Cardiff City Council to reject any application from ABP that would remove the Britannia and Waterfront Parks.

Join our campaign to #saveourbae and protect Cardiff Bay's last green space.




Y mae'n rhaid inni amddiffyn parciau Britannia a Waterfront Bae Caerdydd rhag y datblygiad a gynigiwyd gan Gymdeithas Porthladdoedd Prydain (ABP). Fe fyddai'r datblygiad yma yn cael gwared o'r man gwyrdd diwethaf yn y Bae i wneud lle i gasgliad o adeiladau preswyl a masnachol. Y man gwyrdd a'r cae chwarae plant ym Mharc Britannia yw'r diwethaf o'u math yn yr ardal sydd ar gael yn hawdd i deuluoedd lleol a'u plant. Y mae Bae Caerdydd yn unigryw gyda enw byd eang. Y mae Parc Britannia wedi bod yn  rhan hanfodol o Fae Caerdydd er 1993

Y mae pawb wrth eu bodd gyda'r parc. Y mae'n cael ei fwynhau nid yn unig gan bobl sydd yn byw yng Nghaerdydd, ond hefyd gan ymwelwyr sydd yn dod i fanteisio ar y mannau agored, y celfyddyd a'r hanes yma. Y mae rhan fwyaf o'r cartrefi ym Mae Caerdydd heb ardd. Y mae'n holl bwysig i warchod yr unig fannau gwyrdd ar ol. Galwn felly ar Gyngor Prifddinas Caerdydd i wrthod unrhyw gais datblygu oddi wrth ABP a fyddai'n lleihau neu gael gwared ar Parciau Britanni a Waterfront. 

Ymunwch a'n ymgyrch i warchod ein bae (#saveourbae)- y man gwyrdd agored olaf yn y bae.